Isaiah 40:31
 Pilots Licence

Learn to Fly with Eagles nest aviation- Get your Private Pilot Certificate.

Our most popular license. This is you start to becoming a part of the world of aviation. It is a very in depth course. You should plan on at least three months to finish. Could you  finish sooner? Yes but it's Michigan and the weather is in control. When you complete this program you will be able to fly alone and take your family and friends up.
​Approximate Cost Break down
Aircraft                           $65 p/h
Fuel                                 $30 p/h
Instruction                     $40 p/h

70 hours aircraft           $4550
70 hours fuel                 $2100
40 hours instruction    $1600
Renters Insurance        $450
Medical 3rd class          $110
Check ride FAA DPE      $400
Headset                           $200
Ground school written $300
Written test                    $150
Misc E6B, Plotter ect     $150

Total                                 $10,010

We also offer Bi-annual flight reviews for current pilots at 61D and 24C