Isaiah 40:31

 Aircraft Maintenance

Here is a general break down for service to your Cessna, Piper, Champ, Taylor Craft, ect..
​Single engine non-complex/high performance inspection per manufacturers check list
$750 3 days
​Single engine complex/high performance inspection per manufacturers check list
$1100 4 days
​Light Twins
Inspection per manufacturers
check list
$1500 5 days
The first annual that we do on your airplane there will be a one time fee of $250 to ensure all AD's, 337's, STC's, and your log books are in order. This fee may be waived if your log books are in order and not a mess.
When the Annual has been finished a list of discrepancies (if any) will be given to the owner of the aircraft. Repair of discrepencies will be on a time and materials basis. Shop rate is $80 per hour. Compliance of AD's will be completed at shop rate. Mobile inspections and maintanence are available. we also have a hanger at Lowell 24C for 100 hour inspections, general maintenance, and repairs to your aircraft.
  1. Jeff Bullis
    Owner and CFI IA
  2. Tim Bullis
    Private Pilot and future A&P